i wanna leave a mark on this world, to make a difference, to have contributed something amazing.
i think a child is amazing. it takes more than one person to make, whole lotta people to raise into a useful human being. a living, dynamic being full of potential... even in a hostil world
art serves that mark, at the same time it's a tool to understand.
to say that it's big cope, for the absurdity of merciless, absoultely indifferent existence. so what if it's cope?
portal of

of course the world is hostile. we are always limited by something, hamstrung, our foreskins cut off and our minds hijacked before we could even form words. why do we wish to transcend flesh and time? does a gecko or does? or do they live in the nirvana of now, like an absolute junkie in the moment, each breath like their last