S P A C E is a concept in dance that is explained in physical terms. Teachers say, take up space, fill the space, be aware of negative space, have a relationship with space. Spatial awareness is a whole feel.

Space is also mental, emotional, and spiritual.
We are made of space and live in space-time

According to science, we are made of atoms, which are made of particles, but the actual ratio of particle-to-empty-space is very small. So we're mostly empty space. You ARE space, in all ways. You need space to create, for those created things need space to exist.

What happens when we don't have space? Always doing, always scrolling, always hitting that like button? Always taking some pills or a drink? Always having the TV or music in the back, blasting? Always having to be entertained? Ever live in the same household and there's just not enough space? When lovers don't give us space to breathe? No space to be, just packed in apartments, packed bumper-to-bumper on the choked freeway. No space for mistakes at our job; no space to divert from the algorithm.

Space is needed for creation. Boredom is nescessary.

We also feel the passage of time as L I F E, which allows a whole dimension to existence.
time x space = i am . png